News from Pastor Hues 03.11.18


News From Pastor Hues

A New Mission & Daylight Savings 


The new mission statement and core values proposed by the Board of Elders was adopted in a nearly unanimous vote by the Voters Assembly on February 25th! I am excitedly anticipating seeing all the ways that God will enable us, equip us, and inspire us to live justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Jesus in 2018 and beyond. Though, identifying our core values and adopting a new mission statement doesn’t mean much if a fresh vision for the future does not materialize. In other words: It’s time for the fun part! 

We are planning a Sunday to hash out a fresh vision for Zion. A vision rooted and planted firmly in the redemptive work of Christ and the mission of the God. A vision informed by Zion’s very own history as a congregation. A vision that propels us on our mission to live justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Jesus. A vision that we share and contribute equally to as members of Zion and children of God. I cannot wait to get started! 

Stay tuned for Vision Sunday. Coming to Zion in near the future. Let’s dream together. And most importantly, let’s pray together. This is God’s church after all. We desire his vision. His will be done in Portland as it is in heaven. In Goose Hollow as it is in heaven. At Zion as it is in heaven.

Until Tomorrow, 

Pastor Hues 


Don't Forget to Spring Ahead!!! 

Don't Forget to Spring Ahead!!! 

Join us on Tuesday for our next installment of Art & Soul! 

Join us on Tuesday for our next installment of Art & Soul! 

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