News from Pastor Hues 02.14.18


News from Pastor Hues 

Unity Sunday 

Unity Sunday is coming! This Sunday, February 18th, I, and I hope many of our Zion folks will be heading to Immanuel Lutheran Church in the Sellwood neighborhood as a sign of camaraderie in Christ. After all, Immanuel began as a mission church through Zion’s efforts in 1908. If Immanuel originally began as a daughter congregation of Zion, then why not honor that tradition by joining them for worship? 


Especially in today’s culture where attending church is no longer in the vocabulary of many, it is of utmost importance that we brothers and sisters in Christ stick together. For we are all called to the same mission. We may have slightly different contexts in which we’ve been placed but we share the same mission. Let our love for God dictate our love for each other and our love for our neighbors. Let our faith be an active and moving one instead of something that is stagnate and lifeless. Let grace and forgiveness and mercy to other be our posture as we go about our daily lives wearing a garment of worship in everything that God has put in our paths. 


So, this coming Sunday, the first Sunday in Lent, we will be joining them just as they joined us on the first Sunday in Advent. Pastor Emeritus, Ty Miles will be covering the service here at Zion. May we show our solidarity in Christ with our brothers and sisters at Immanuel. For as Paul writes in Romans 12, “Though we are many, we are one body, and each member belongs to one another.” 

May we go about our weeks living as people who belong to one another. 

Who’s joining me at Immanuel on Sunday? 

See you at Ash Wednesday worship tonight!

- Pastor Dan Hues





Dan Hues