Christmas Do-over

My pulse was racing as I passed the aftermath of several accidents. Cars decorated the edge of the highway. Wheels spun aimlessly on the ice that had formed to the road. Christmas Eve was not supposed to be like this. Even as I struggled and crawled along on Highway 26, I knew what has to be done. Services had to be cancelled. It was not an easy decision by any means.
Christmas Eve services mean so much to so many. It is a staple of our celebrations. These services draw us together as brothers and sisters and family to worship our king and to center our hearts on the real reason that we celebrate Christmas. It was disappointing to have to cancel.

Disappointment increased as I arose on Christmas Day to little change in our weather situation. We made another difficult decision: cancel Christmas Day service as well. Keeping our members safe was the key deciding factor in it all.

Overall, Christmas was a blessed time spent with family celebrating our Savior, but there was something missing. Perhaps your Christmas felt the same? There is something unmistakably special about gathering in worship and receiving God’s gifts on this special day. On the day where our God entered into human history by taking on flesh. In doing so, he took upon himself vulnerability, weakness, helplessness, and, eventually, our sin - revealing to us the reality that strength is made perfect in weakness.

So, in hopes of quelling the disappointment of missing those precious worship services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we’re going to celebrate Christmas on New Year’s Eve.

This Sunday, Dec. 31st, let us gather to sing carols and celebrate our Savior! A Savior is born! In Him is life! Let us celebrate together. Bring your family, friends, and loved ones and let’s meet at Zion!

Until Sunday,
Pasor Dan Hues

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